Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

Joseph asks…

who knows any good drinking games besides the following?

flippy cup, beer pong, circle of death, high card low card, horse races, beer poker, power hour. gettin a pony (quarter barrel if u didnt know) and need some new games and the directions for them. appreciate the help.
an obcession? with laughin my ass off, and feelin good with a bunch of my freinds, yea i guess ur right “rob” sry if i party once and a while, if u dont approve of drinkin then why the hell did u even look at the question, let alone answer with some smartass remark. good job i think u made yourself proud.

Denny answers:

Fuck the dealer is a good one and easy

Lizzie asks…

Would my Horse and Me be a good game for a 9 year old?

My younger cousin really likes horses and I’d thought I’d buy her the PC version of my Horse and Me by Atari for maybe her birthday, which is coming up in a few weeks.

How are the controls in the game? Difficult to use or simple? What sort of eventing does the game do? Races or show jumping, barrel racing, etc.? Does it work well with windows xp?

Any sort of game review would be gratefully appreciated!

Denny answers:

I’ve never played the game before, but I know that it is about show jumping. And it should work on windows xp. Heres a link that maybe be helpful? –
But if you want a review from someone who has actually played the game I would recommend reposting this question in horse section.
Hope I helped! :)

David asks…

horse game?

im soo bored.. so lets play a game. :) haha that sounds soo cheesy.

these may be easy! Who are these famous horses?





Denny answers:

1. Man O’ War
2. Barbaro
3. Affirm
4. Curlin

EDIT- I’m a horse racing freak lol…as soon as I turn 16 I’m off to my local horse track for a job!

Chris asks…

Any tips or tricks for teaching trust for my horse in me?

He is scared of loud noises, and i can barely touch him. He is ex-trail riding horse and from his reactions has been flogged with a lead rope. I’m used to race horses but this guy seems to not want to be handled, have been playing quiet, gentle games but he still doesn’t trust me.

Denny answers:

This Monty Roberts way to get a horse to trust you. The horse may be scared of you as a person, you can regain this by joining up.

You say he is scared of loud noises. Sometimes this is because of an accident. Try introducing small noises, like you squeaking or blowing a raspberry. When he is settled with this, he has stopped moving round and looking for the noise, introduce him with bigger noises.

Spend a LOT of time with him. Just in his paddock, talking to him, grooming him and loving him, this will encourage him to learn to love you.

I would just like to share a story with you.
7 Years ago, I brought a horse for hacking and treking, he was perfect when I rode him at his previous owners. When he arrived at my place, I let him into the paddock, (a huge mistake because the paddock was HUGE.) THe next day I went to catch him, and I couldn’t. I spent the next 3 weeks doing this, going out and trying to catch him, finally I gave up and lured him into the next paddock(a lot smaller) with food. I searched on the internet how to bond with your horse. It came up with join-up. I went out to harry and joined up with him. After a while, he walked into me, oh the satisfaction, for the first time in 3 weeks, I could touch him, Then I found out he was head shy. Every day for the next 2 weeks I joined up with him, I reintroduced him to halters and even just patting him. I spent every spare minute with him, doing what I have told you to do. Within 3 weeks I had Harry following me everywhere. Now I can ride him everywhere. And he is no longer head shy.


Good luck!

Robert asks…

horse racing a few to bare in mind at big prices,any thoughts GANG?

hi gang,a few pointers away from racing,(THE BRIDGESTONE INVITATIONAL) at Firestone,starts win this,it tests all aspects of the golfers game,quite a unique coures,and thats why TOP,TOP players have been very successful over the years.i have drawn up a list of VERY classy players,and players inform.Last years tournament saw (L.WESTWOOD 36-1) at mo,and (STUART APPLEBY 220-1) at mo,finish joint 2nd one shot behind winner (vijay singh) players over 40 dont fare very well here.(P.CASEY 48-1) at mo,world no.3,seem to go out like a light couple of weeks ago,and may lack the guts to get over the line,(what a price though) (JIMINEZ 320-1) at mo,crazily over priced,VERY good player on his day,and is playing well.(R GOOSEN 34-1) at mo,ARRHH,done me again last week,beat himself 2nd,So another form player with a shout.(R SABATTINI 170-1) at mo,VERY classy player will win a biggy.THE main four i fancy slightly more than the others.(R Mcllroy 75-1) at mo,up and coming star,convinced he will win a MAJOR, he’s that good,inexpierienced.(R FISHER 70-1) at mo,his mind will be more on the job this time,no preggas to worry about.(A CABERRA 90-1) at mo, and (P MICHELSON 20-1) at mo,my two favorite players,who OOZE natural skill,o sulluvans of the golf world,have also outstanding chances thurday,when either of these is on a (ive got the touch) day,they are basically unbeatable,ive watched caberra do this and is a pleasure to watch,also michleson.ANYWAY gang just a few pointer,at these prices PROFIT looks very likely,P.S please dont look for these horses in the 3-05 as they are N/Rs. cheers GANG scally

Denny answers:

Agree with you on M A Jimenez great price for a man with decent recent form might not win but may make the first five. I will be sticking with my open pick Stewart Cink won twice here and hope his frame of mind is right after such a big win 45-1 looks decent. Also like Anthony Kim good recent form is exciting for the future 35-1. C. Villegas 66-1 is playing ok and seems to be there or there abouts in the big tournaments. Also to big longshots that might be worth an each way punt. Scott Verplank manages to win one tournament a year if not this week but later on in the year. T.Jaidee play four solid rounds in his last outing and could be running into form 200-1 generally. What a price punters got last week who keeped the faith in Tiger .Ladbrokes 5-4 is too short for me to have a serious punt on him heared 7-4 is not available any more BET365 ,BLUE SQ

Helen asks…

any good flash horse games?

doesnt have to be online, please no racing ones

Denny answers:


There are many different horse games

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