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Lizzie asks…

Why fantasy sport is considered a skilled game?

In U.S, fantasy sports is exempted from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 because it’s considered to be a game of skill. But what difference is it from horse racing or prediction game where you also get to put in some skills to predict who’s going to win?

Denny answers:

While it requires luck in some sort, it does have some skill involved. Knowing certain athletes, and predicting how they will do will greatly help you win in fantasy sports.

It’s basically a 50-50 kind of thing.

The difference is in predicting is that there’s pretty much an equal possibility of anyone winning, and previous stats are less worthy there.

Donald asks…

Harvest moon magical melody wii version horse racing?

i asked a question earlier adressing this issue, but also a horse mounting issue, so i thought id ask this again: how do you speed up and slow down in a horse race on the wii version? it tells me to use L and R…on a wii remote…hmmm… so anyway, if no one knows, can you peoples with the gamecube buttons tell me what L and R do? that way i can match them up, and this game will be cool again! (also its fall on my game, so tell me fast pls!!!)

Denny answers:

Harvest moon is on the Wii?

Sorry IDK the answer :(

Donna asks…

HBO has canceled its new horse racing series “Luck”. What do you think of this?

HBO announced yesterday that they had canceled “Luck” because of public outrage over the deaths of 3 horses during filming. Personally, I’m relieved and over joyed at this, because I recognize that the bad publicity surrounding the series was doing NOTHING good for the sport. Racing as a whole is already on the decline because of the seemingly endless waves of negative publicity following high profile accidents in recent years ( think Barbaro, Eight Belles) and because of competition from other forms of legalized gambling and entertainment, such as video gaming. “Luck” was doing nothing to improve the situation. Those of us who work in, live with or who follow racing are VERY MUCH AWARE of the sport’s dark side, thank you- we don’t need to have it shoved in our faces constantly by a group of ignorant Hollywood producers who are more interested in getting rich than they are in telling the truth. What I am interested in are other peoples’ thoughts about this. Please- keep the discussion civil. Comments?
HBO didn’t renew the series- they canceled it outright, as I said. They will air the remaining two episodes in their archives, but they are not producing any more new ones. There have been 3 horses that either died on their own or which were destroyed just since the filming started in January-and the very first espisode that was aired featured an accident that resulted in a horse being destroyed. Started things off with a real bang, didn’t it. I know that accidents and breakdowns are part of the sport, but this was just insane. Even at tracks that are relatively notorious for accidents (like Belmont Park in New York) it’s rare that more than one horse breaks down more than once a month or so during any given period of the year. This series was trying to show racing as a sport that results in horses dying far more often than that, which simply isn’t the case. On NPR yesterday, they talked a bit about the supposed “need” for a national governing body to regulate

Denny answers:

I won’t miss the show. I love horse racing, and used to go all the time. So I watched the pilot episode of “Luck”. But I didn’t like it. A rather dreary portrait of the sport, with unlikable characters. I didn’t watch any of the subsequent episodes.

As for real horse racing, one thing I always noticed was that most of the people in the stands weren’t there because they admired the horses, they were there because it was (at the time) the only way to legally gamble. So as soon as other forms of legal gambling came along, such as the lottery, card clubs, etc., it was no longer necessary for gamblers to bet the races, and attendance fell off dramatically. Betting horses was never easy or cheap. It cost money (gas) to get to the track, money for admission to get into the track, money for the program and/or Racing Form, money for a reserved seat if it’s a crowded day (or you want a better view), and, of course, money for the bets themselves. And to have a chance at winning, you need to be able to read and understand the past performance charts, and have a general understanding of how racing works.

And now that there is online betting on the races (via the Internet), and off-track betting parlors in other states, even those who want to bet the horses have less reason to actually make the trek out to the track. That’s a shame, because the tracks seem to be slowly dying. Most of the fans who remain tend to be older men who love the sport, but their generation will eventually die out, and it doesn’t look like there will be enough young fans to replace them.

As for accidents, they are unfortunately a part of the sport. Thoroughbreds are large but relatively fragile animals and seeing them pull up with a limp isn’t unusual. Over the years, I saw a few of them euthanized behind that screen they bring out when a horse is down and can’t get up. And I’ve seen two jockeys killed in spills, as well. But considering there are about ten horses in each race, and nine or ten races a day, and you have horses running flat out at close to 40 mph, taking tight turns, trying to maneuver in & around other speeding horses, it’s not surprising that accidents happen occasionally.

As for “Luck”, if you want to watch horse racing on the big screen, I’d recommend the movies “Seabiscuit” and “Casey’s Shadow”. They’re a lot more enjoyable than “Luck”.

Joseph asks…

Wagering on Previously Run Horse Races?

Last Month, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission approved Kentucky Downs` Application to be the first race track in Kentucky to offer Instant Racing…A Parimutual Electronic game which allows players to wager on previously run horse races.

My Question Is this: Wouldn`t most horseplayers already know the outcome of these races,And if not what would prevent them from looking up past charts …etc etc
Give me some feedback! Thanks!

Denny answers:

The games are designed to mimic electronic slots or video lottery terminals and appeal to bettors unlike us who wouldn’t necessarily be drawn to traditional pari- mutuel wagering. All of the races are said to be supplied on pre-recorded VHS tape or DVD. And, Yes, these are races previously run any of several famous race tracks. While the races have been previously run, no one (including those who made them) knows the results, as all the races are said to be sealed. So, the outcome will always be random/different. It’s simply just another way to gamble.. :)

David asks…

Whats the best way to keep my rodeo horse in shape?

I need some really good workouts and other ways to keep my highschool rodeo barrel racing horse in shape. Out workouts consist of the usual circles at every pace, going throught the barrels slow. stoping, backing, spinning. Then a ride through the pasture for a cool down. But I can tell he’s getting bored. I know I am going to have to keep him in shape this winter in order for us to be at the top of our game next season. Any suggestions on what I can do??

Denny answers:

I also barrel race with nbha and american west and many rodeos, i usually have something going on year round, but if i do get a break i use my horse to pleasure ride or just trail ride, nothing worse than a horse that gets burned out or becomes an arena idiot and can not do anything else, i let mine be a horse and do trails, it keeps them in shape quite well and gives their mind a break from the arena and makes a better horse, because when we go back in she is rested and happy and ready to compete and give me her best, have trained and rode barrel horses most all my life and this works good for me. I still take her into the arena for practice but i just dont overdo it and she stays happy when we limit our practice time and then she gets to go out and just relax and ride, horses will get bored many times, especially competing horses so try to give them a little variety and think about what you would want if the tables were turned. They get bored when they have to do the same thing everyday over and over. Sometimes i will go in and just walk her around and do a little bit of easy loping and that is it. The next day i will go in and take a couple of easy trips around my barrels, a lot depends on the horse and their attitude ….the trick to a barrel horse is not just to keep them physically in shape ..but mentally too.they both go hand and hand. Just let him practice lightly thru the winter with your basic figure eights and such and some trail riding and he will be fine, then start more when spring gets here as you get ready for the road..good luck

Daniel asks…

Can anybody tell me why there are two horses in the premiership?

i was looking for some horses in games last week but i didnt see any?
closest i seen were dirk kuyt and wayne rooney?
whats all this talk about there being only 2 horses?
are kuyt and rooney these horses?
how many horses were in the race at the start?

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Sports > Horse Racing


Denny answers:

I think rafa iz a big donkey
gerrad and torres are the kings of the team
followed by kuyt and babel

Liverpool 4eva!

Michael asks…

Has anyone played Hannah Montana The Movie Ps3 I need help?

i am stuck on the race horse game and can’t get past it. Any ideas ?

Denny answers:

I don’t think anyone’s played that. :P

good luck.

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