Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

Sandra asks…

What is a fun online game that you can have your own horse and take care of it?

Like that game dreamer, but online and you don’t have to have like any software or have windows.. and don’t say Race Horse Tycoon cause thats just stupid stuff!! Please help!

Denny answers:

People instead of an online game get a video game! Well anyway the video game you want is Harvest Moon.

Steven asks…

horse riding game?????????

okay im looking for a game all about horse riding and horse racing not some cheap shit like alicia or something a game with good graphics and stuff like that pleas help

Denny answers:

There is no such game that i know of. Game developers are too obsessed with the next call of duty game to make a horse riding game.

Michael asks…

What would be a good way to insure voters have “skin in the game”…..”a horse in the race”?

No one wants to return to the founder’s day when only land owners could vote ( as common sense as it was) , but can we survive as a country if those who ride in the back of the wagon become a majority, and can tell the ones pulling the wagon what to do?

Should only tax payers vote? Only those with jobs? Both have drawbacks but there needs to be some way to eliminate the frivolous vote.

Denny answers:

Have everyone pay taxes to be eligible to vote. You are right when you say that the majority is riding in the wagon telling those who pull it what to do. They get a free ride and we do all the work.

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