Your Questions About Horse Racing Games

Lisa asks…

Looking for the best of all horse racing games. Please – help me!?

Denny answers:

This should keep you busy for a while…




Horse owner and breeder
Avid horse racing enthusiast

Robert asks…

I am looking for a horse racing game for senior citizens to play who are wheel chair bound.?

The “track” lays on the floor, the horses are on top of sticks and you advance the horses according to the roll of the dice.

Denny answers:

Yes, Philadelphia basketball fans missed their chance to appreciate Khalif Wyatt’s skills through high school, but at least the void will now be filled.

Wyatt, a 6-3, 205-pound wing guard, is a senior at Norristown High, and he’ll play his college ball at Temple.

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With Wyatt totaling 19 points, three rebounds, one assist and two steals, along with numerous gotta-love-’em old-school traits, I-3 All-Stars wore down Bucks County, 106-90.

Richard asks…

What movie features a horse racing urinal game?

Sorry I cannot provide more details, I saw an ad for these games in real life and remembered seeing it in a comedy film.

Denny answers:

Scary movie , when they mack a spoof of scream

Betty asks…

What is the best online Horse Breeding/Racing game?

I was inspired by the Kentucky Derby to start a virtual Horse breeding and racing game. I have done it before on a great site, but I don’t remember what it was called. If you have a favorite, PLEASE post it :)

Denny answers:

Horse Racing Games

Lizzie asks…

Does any one know Alicia the horse racing game That is actaully Korean?

Hi i am dieing to play alicia the horseracing game but the promblemo is that it is korean and i speak english and i understand it well but i was wondering if any one maybe know when it is coming out in english and i am begging the people who might be korean and playing that game if they can maybe ask some other people around the game if they are trying to make alicia in english please please please help me with this shittyyyyy thing pleaseeeeeeee

Denny answers:

It will eventually come out in english kelly but in the mean tim email them and tell them u want or need a conversion programme

Chris asks…

Is there good virtual horse ranches (games)? And is there any Horse Barrel raceing games?

I want to play a good horse game and I am sick of horseland, I also want to know if there is any western Barrel racing games? ON INTERNET.

Denny answers:


It’s SOOO much better than horseland!!!

Helen asks…

I saw a really neat horse racing game on “Rob and Big”?

I was watching the show, and they played a really neat horse racing game at a retirement home. My family and i love horse races, and i thought it would be a great idea for a family get together thats coming up. I looked everywhere online and dont know where else to look. I someone can please help me find it. I know we would have tons of fun with it!! I would really appreciate your help! Thanks!!!

Denny answers: click on line shopping then type in horse race in the search and that is where you will find it. The other version of this is a horse race on video and you place bids, go to

Susan asks…

Do You Know Any Horse Games?

hey, Can anyone help me on some not to large(bytes) horse games? racing games? anything like that?
Do you know any horse games that you can download? not to large in bytes? thanks.

Denny answers:

There are a couple on
Give them a try!

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