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Chris asks…

Tongues hanging out, frothing at the mouth, running like scared mice = is it just me or is horse racing cruel?

I watched the “highlights” of the Melbourne Cup (horse racing carnival Melbourne, Australia) ) on the news tonight. It continues to confirm to me what I have always felt = that horse racing is an absolutely sick disgusting cruel torture towards those poor petrified horses.
Does anybody else agree with me that horse racing is cruel?

Denny answers:

In general, NO. Of course, there are exceptions – trainers, owners, jockeys who care more about making money than treating their animals with the respect, love and dignity they deserve.,

However, having followed the sport closely for a while, I think the majority of people involved in the horse racing industry really care about horses. Horses, in general, like to run. No jockey can force a horse to run (unless he had some cruel instrument like an electrical shocker), But, at least in North America, such cruelty is not permitted. Yes, jockeys carry whips. I don’t know if you ride, but I used to refuse to hit my mounts with a whip. One day our instructor asked us to hit ourselfs as hard as possible with our crops. It did NOT hurt at all. It is simply a signal to the horse to wake up and pay attention and run to the extent he is capable of doing so. In fact, in New York, the jockeys have organized a movement to use whips which are even kinder to the horses. People who ride for pleasure (or even competitively) carry whips or crops. However, unlike jockeys, non-race riders keep their stirrups much longer. So, they have three aids (to let the horse know what to do): their seat, their legs and the reins. Jockeys don’t have much of their legs or seat to use so a crop is a necessary aid. And, hitting a horse who does not want to run will not make him run. The smartest “lazy” horses I have ridden have learned that if they simply stop when the rider hits them with a crop, the crop becomes useless.

Race horses are extremely valuable and receive better food, medical care and attention than most people do. You also have to remember that horses are herd animals and can be quite competitive. If one horse runs, the one’s behind him generally will follow (even if their rider is trying to hold them back). Even in the non-racing world, if you are out on a trail ride and towards the back, many horses try to get ahead of the horses in front of them (they are competitive).

Rachel Alexandra is a great example of how competitve horses can be. I read that even after she won a race against older males, during the gallop out (after the finish line when the jockeys slow the horses down and let them cool off), she refused to let another horse (Macho Again) pass her.

Cruelty is not acceptable in the racing world. Jeremy Rose (a jockey) received a 6-month suspension for hitting a filly in the eye with a whip. I, along with the owners of the filly (who was not injured), have no doubt that this was accidental. However, he still received the punishment.

In closing, I just watched Barbaro: A Nation’s Horse. This program aired 3 years ago and I recorded it but never watched it for fear that it would make me too depressed. I am confident that if you watched that program, you would understand how special and loved Barbaro was by his owners (the Jacksons), his trainer (Michael Matz), his jockey (Edgar Prado), his exercise rider (Peter Brette) and his doctor (Dr. Dean Richardson). They all had tears in their eyes when they spoke about Barbaro. And, the Jacksons (knowing that Barbaro would never race again) spent huge sums of money trying to save him so that he could have a good quality of life. They did this because they loved him, not because they thought they could make money off of him.

Ruth asks…

any news on 4/7/06 horse racing? information, not tips,please?

you know u can pay to have a valuable information, tips is personal views, personal views, that can be very wrong. i am so greedy to ask for it in here. cheeky too. but, iam not that kind of man, i just need some mony quickly recently.

Denny answers:

You are very wrong my friend! Tips are things that come through from the stables and are exactly the same as information. You cant pay for accurate information because the only races that are fixed are fixed so well and by such powerful people that us mere mortals in the horsey world never get to know about it until we read the news of the world!

Anyway, the races for th 4/7 will be available on-line or from any major bookmakers! Only chance u have of backing a winner in one of those is if you have a time machine!!

Maria asks…

What happens when the news media treat politics like a horse race?

Denny answers:

Watch and see.

Sandy asks…

Do u know any london news paper bringing the Race Cards for British horse and Greyhounds Racing?

Denny answers:

Racing post

David asks…

why do we euthenize an injured race horse?

i read at yahoo news that a racing horse just this breeder’s cup was euthenized on track. cant they just cut the leg of the horse so that it will live more years? i think its cruel.

Denny answers:

Because of the weight of the animal and alot of other factors it’s not an easy thing to save a horse with a broken leg. Very rarely is it a successful thing. It’s actually more humane to euthanize. It’s sad but better than having the animal suffer. Many times in trying to save the animal it just continues to re-injure itself, making matters worse. Considering their size horses are actually quite delicate animals.

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