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Lizzie asks…

how to pick good odds on horse racing?

ive never betted before and a friend has asked me to pick a few horses for him, so im really unsure on how to pick good horses, what do i need to look for?

Denny answers:

I’m sure you realize there’s a lot more to horse racing than odds, and as a handicapper for many years, I’ll tell you there’s no magic in it..and,of course, with that there’s NO guaranteed that you’ll always have the winner since what we are dealing with in horse racing is probabilities and possibilities. Horse Racing is very unpredictable, anything can happen at any time and it usually does, so if anyone promises a guaranteed pick, don’t ever believe it, for it’s impossible. I enjoy horse racing, however, I only bet on certain races, mostly the High Stake Races. I do it for fun, and manage my money wisely. I’m very active in the industry, helping race horses (after racing careers ends), also aid in safety with trainers and owners, so it’s more than a betting game to me. I love it, and I’m not in it for the gamble but more for support and of course the challenge. OK..Always remember there is NO Guarantee in anything ! NOW.. The odds on a horse are a good indicator of where the horse is expected to finish (a horse with 2/1 odds has a better chance of winning than a 30/1 horse, but the 30/1 horse (long-shot) is a much better payout, however, if you want to play it safe, look for a horse with at least 3/1 odds). Other factors to take into consideration: When did the horse run its last race? Experts say you want your horse to have run a race within the last 28 days to be sure it’s in good shape. How many horses are competing? Obviously, it’s a lot harder to pick a winner when there are a lot of contestants in the race. What does it say on the horses form? If there is a C, the horse has won on that track before. If there is a D, the horse has won on that distance before. These are both good bets. These are some tips, however, there’s a whole lot more to handicapping, and it’s a skill that takes time and the learning never ends.

Good Luck To YOU ! Have Fun !

Mandy asks…

horse racing lots of stakes races tomorrow anyone like a certain horse?

Lots of good horse racing tommorw anyone have any good picks they would like to share with me? Give me name of race horse name and time race should go off thanks!

Denny answers:

I got 2 for today…

Race #7 “El Camino Real Derby” grade 3 at Golden Gate Fields…

1.) ….#7 “Ranger Heartley” with the win, going wire to wire for the 1 1/8 mi. Owned by Herb Alpert (Tijuana Brass) and his brother David. Trained by John Sadler.

2.)….”Southwest Stakes” @ OaklawnPark (re-scheduled from last monday)…..
“Conveyance” with the win. Trained by Bob Baffert…

Added Info: “Conveyance” must have benefited from the pushback also, with a big wire to wire romp! Can’t go wrong with that speedy “In Excess” bloodline eh?. Did you get that snapshot of the gray in mid-stride as he crossed the wire? Dublin was closing ground fast but ran out of track….Ranger Heartley lead wire to wire as well, but faded down the stretch with about 1/16 to go. Almost a double call… Darn! :-)

…Billy Ray

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