Your Questions About Horse Racing Systems

Betty asks…

Is there an excellent system I can use to bet on horse racing?

I know how to read the form, program and I know most of the jockeys but have a difficult time picking a winner. Does anyone have a simple system that works?
The first three answers didn’t help. Come on know people, I lose every time I go.

Denny answers:

The closest I found to a pure system is to study the trainers and their habits. Eg, examine trainers who succeed with their first out with a newly claimed horse, trainers who succeed on their first start as a maiden, trainers who bring a horse back to the races after a rest of less than ten days. I have done this. It takes a lot of research and usually bet to place, not win. You need to set up parameters for each condition, and then find as many examples to support your theory.

If you are attentive and diligent, I believe you may earn a decent living and only work 15 hours a day.

Jenny asks…

what is foray handicapping system for horse racing?

Denny answers:

What the word ‘Foray” means here, is an initial attempt, especially outside ones usual area or technique / or thinking outside the box so to speak!

What you may mean is Trip Handicapping Horse Racing Systems (?) If this is the case here’s the link to educate.. :)

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