Your Questions About Horse Racing Terms

Sharon asks…

What does RR mean in Horse racing betting terms?

Does it mean the horse or jockey refused to take part in the race?

Denny answers:

It means the horse ‘refused to race when the race started .

That’s what Sariska did in the 3.25 at York today, she stayed put in the stalls when the race opened.
This is also the case when national hunt horses stand still at the starting line.

Unfortunately as they have come under starting orders any bets on the horses are losing bets.

Chris asks…

What does BEGINNERS CHASE mean in horse racing terms?

Denny answers:

A Beginners Chase is for horses that have never won a chase (or steeplechase) before.

The difference between a Maiden Chase and a Beginners Chase is that Maiden Chase’s are only open to horses that have not won under NH rules (eg a hurdles race), whereas a horse that has won over hurdles CAN run in a Beginners Chase.

Thomas asks…

Which Horse racing terms became familiar in Motor Sport?

Denny answers:


Thats it.

David asks…

In horse racing terms what are Grades as in Grade 1 race and what are Classes as in Class 6 ?

Denny answers:

Graded, or Group races are the best type of race, with Grade/Group 1 being the highest quality. Examples of Grade/Group 1 races are the 2,000 & 1,000 Guineas, the Derby, King George, the Arc, Dubai World Cup, Breeders’ Cup Classic, Kentucky Derby, etc.

Grade/Group 2 race are the next best kind, followed by Grade/Group 3 races. After this come the Listed Races. This collection of races are generally referred to as Pattern Races and are all Class 1 races.

Following on from these races are the Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5 and Class 6. Generally speaking Class 2 and 3 races are mainly handicaps and conditions races, with Class 4 and 5 generally being maiden races or poor handicaps. Class 6 races are the lowest of the low, usually being sellers or claimers.

—-UPDATE—— Oops Loanshark, you are right! I guess I was trying to forget that these ghastly banded races are still around. The sooner they are scrapped the better!

Charles asks…

what does NAP mean in horse racing terms?

Denny answers:

There are two entirely different definitions of “nap”

In betting terms, a nap is a tipsters choice as the best chance of a winner that day.

Also a horse that runs sideways to try and avoid the riders commands is described as “napping”. You sometimes see racehorses running sideways when going down to the start or when passing the stabling area – this is napping. It is generally evasive behaviour on the part of the horse and is to be discouraged whenever possible.

Donna asks…

Horse Racing Terms 2?

What is the back marker?
Is it the horse at the back of the pack, or what?

Denny answers:

Yes a back marker is a horse that when racing is close to the back of the field if not last, its the opposite to a front runner…….. Who will lead or be close to the speed.
The speed is the leading horse in a race he dictates how fast they travel in a race!

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