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Thomas asks…

Football matches are postponed,horse racing is abandoned?

Why is it when a football match is called off before the start of the game it is stated has postponed,& when called off after if has begun is is called abandoned,yet in horse racing circles only the term abandoned is used even if the meeting has not begun ? This question is for UK circumstances i have no idea if these terms are used globally.
Thank you for answers,however why when a football match is abandoned this is re-scheduled to be replayed at a later date,surly if a horse racing meeting is abandoned not to be re-scheduled the correct term should be cancelled & not abandoned.What do you think?

Denny answers:

It is very difficult to reschedule a whole days worth of horseracing. Following an abandonment Race Planning will reschedule any major races to be run later the same week, but this will usually be at a different course that is already scheduled to hold a race meeting.

The racing calendar is very full and the season is planned months in advance. For example, at the moment the Race Planning Department will be finalising the schedule for the autumn/winter for 2007.

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