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Lizzie asks…

Are handicap and stakes the same as flat or national hunt in horse racing terms?

If I were making selections for horse racing and I am asked for handicap or stakes would this mean the same as asking for flat or national hunt in horse racing terms?

Denny answers:

Stakes is short for sweepstakes where, traditionally I guess, all the prize money was put up by the participants. Stakes races are generally non handicaps although the name is sometimes preserved in the title of the race even where that race is a handicap e.g. Wokingham Stakes. The word stakes is not used in NH racing – at least I cannot think of an example – and is substituted by the word hurdle or chase. A handicap is as described by the previous contributor.

Linda asks…

Websites featuring horse racing terms?

I love horse racing and often go to racing websites, but there’re a lot of technical words such as ‘going’ or ‘field’ which are not found in a dictionary.
Is there any websites which tell meanings of these technical terms?

Denny answers:

Here’s a good website that defines a lot of the terms you see in horse racing.


Good luck!

George asks…

What do the initials CF mean in horse racing terms?

I know “F” is Favourate and “JF” is foint favorate but I am unsure what “CF” means.

Denny answers:

Favourite means it is the ONE horse which is shortest priced.
Joint Favourite means it is ONE of TWO horses that are shortest Priced.
Co-Favourite means it is ONE of THREE or MORE horses that are shortest priced.

Hope that clears it ALL up for you!!

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