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Betty asks…

Any of you “old timers” remember this great NY triple crown winner from 1991?

Only 2 other horses have ever accomplished this NY racing crown, one being “Tom Fool” in 1951 and the other “Kelso” in 1963…..Here is an article that hit the pages of the NY Times back in 1991 after “In Excess” became only the 3rd horse ever to win this title. Maybe some of you were in the crowd watching this great event unfold? Tell me what you know….

Oops! the other years were 53′ and 61′ respectively. Oh well, I was close!
** “Rationality”~ Iam referring to “In Excess” not Kelso… The link is in my question….

Denny answers:

“Old Timers”? Who? What? Where? It wasn’t that long ago BRV lol! Yes, I remember him in-between scotches..Great Horse.

Owner: Jack J. Munari
Winnings: 25 Starts: 11 – 2 – 3, $1,740,861

Temperence Hill Handicap, Volante Handicap-G3, San Gabriel Handicap-G3, Metropolitan Handicap-G1, Suburban Handicap-G1, Woodward S.-G1, Whitney Handicap-G1, San Fernando S.-G2

Stands At Vessels Stallion Farm in Bonsall, CA

Mark asks…

trying to locate triple crown stables, were you can buy part-owner in a race horse?

Denny answers:

You can buy a horse at any race track, look for the races that are called claiming races and the amount of money that follows that and you can buy any horse in that race for that price

Sandra asks…

Whats the reward for winning the triple crown in horse racing?

Whats the reward for winning the triple crown in horse racing? Is there separate stakes in winning the triple crown or is it just a great honor?

Denny answers:

Stud fees for the owner.

Robert asks…

How much is the fact that we can’t get a triple crown winner affecting the sport of horse racing?

Denny answers:

I think it comes down to this.

True race fans want to see the best of the best beat the very best. We all have our favorites for a wide variety of reasons. I for one love a horse named Sassy Secretary ( pedigree people look her up) and have a soft spot for Liason.

We get excited when we hear the trumpets call and will turn our heads just for a quick peek regardless of the race. You will hear us yelling go go go even if we don’t know who the runner is and will turn and say did you see that after a good stretch battle.

We want to see a Triple Crown winner because it defines TRUE greatness doing what is close to impossible. I want to see Alydar and Affirmed fighting it out to the wire, Secretariat doing what no horse is suppose to, Citation, Sir Barton, Assault and War Admiral. Just to name a few.

I for one love this sport and am proud of the fact we are the only sport that ask IS it going to be this year and not WHO is it going to be this year. Ours is a sport were we can hold our champions up to the highest regard with the up most respect.

I will wait patiently another 34 years if need be because greatness doesn’t happen once a year at the end of the season but once in a lifetime. If we are lucky.

Joseph asks…

What is appropriate attire to wear to the Black Eyed Susan (horse race)?

I am attending this race for the first time. I understand that all triple crown races are formal attire but I am unsure of the Black Eyed Susan


Denny answers:

It is not true that all Triple Crown races are Formal Attire. It depends on your personal situation. If you and your friends are going to sit or stand in the infield then you are not required to be formally attired. If you are attached to one of the horses in any way than you may want to be dressed Formally.

I have attached a pic of the Preakness Celebration. Most people are not dressed up. I am going to both the Preakness and the Black Eyed Susan and I will be dressed Business Casual.

Susan asks…

Will there ever be a another Triple Crown Winner?

This is just wrong. Once again there will be no triple crown winner, and all because a horse that didnt run in the Kentucky Derby (and would have won) races in the Preakness ,therefore screwing Mine that Bird out of it. There needs to be a rule in Horse Racing when it comes to the Triple Crown. Those who do not race in the Kentucky Derby should not be allowed to race in the Preakness nor the Belmont. Will there ever be another TCW?
What the hell is that. Either thats spam or a moron. I didnt lose any money on this. I didnt even bet. I just want a triple crown winner.

Denny answers:

Believe it or not, pal, there was a time up until about the turn of the last century, when the three races which make up the Triple Crown were run as seperate events. It wasn’t until shortly before the first World War that anyone came up with the idea of combining the three races into a series, and calling it the Triple Crown. That’s why there WERE NO TC winners until the year 1919, when Sir Barton won it for the first time. We should bring that time back- I think it would really help the sport, and take some of the pressure off the big name horses and trainers.

I disagree with you about having a rule that makes horses which don’t compete in the Derby ineligible for the other two races- that would HARM the sport, NOT HELP IT. Rachel Alexandra’s ORIGINAL OWNERS NEVER INTENDED to race her against the colts- that was her new owner’s choice. She was never even NOMINATED, in fact. Nor did they have any notion that she would win against them. And by the way, Mine That Bird would have BEATEN the filly in another two strides-the only reason he didn’t was because he’s a deep closing horse and the ground just simply ran out on him. He was BRED to go a distance- his sire won the Belmont and ” cheated” Smarty Jones out of Triple Crown win- and it has become apparent that he’s in a different league than most of his competitors. It will be interesting to see what happens in 3 weeks, when these horses meet again at Belmont. I strongly suspect that we will literally see the race of a lifetime at that point- and these horses will decide for THEMSELVES who the real champion is. That’s what generally happens when two horses like this look each other in the eye and one of them challenges the other. Somebody will win, someone will lose, and the gripes from people like you will stop.

As for whether or not there will ever be another TC winner, I think the answer is probably no, not for a very long time, for lots of reasons. Horses today are being bred for SPEED, and so their owners can make a quick buck- NOT for soundness, stamina, and long term health, all of which are necessary in a TC candidate. Decades of over and inbreeding of the Thoroughbred have resulted in horses becoming a lot more FRAGILE and prone to breakdowns than their ancestors ever were- and the advent of Polytrack has NOT improved anything, because it actually ENCOURAGES people to breed horses for speed and looks, not soundness. Eight Belles was a prime example of that kind of thinking- and she wound up dead because of it. The increased fragility of the horses has also meant that race times are increasing and speeds are becoming slower, not faster. That too is not a good thing. Lastly, it should be mentioned that there is awareness in the scientific community ( which is quite apart from racing or anything to do with it) that the GENE POOL in the TB breed has SHRUNK DRASTICALLY over the last 50 years or so. It’s now about a THIRD of what it once was in size- and this REALLY SHOWS itself. As bloodlines have gotten more and more concentrated, the incidence of preventable, hereditary defects ( such as the superfine, inherently WEAK legs and bone structure that Eight Belles had, and which a number of other horses racing today also have) has risen sharply, with a corresponding increase in the number of life threatening or fatal injuries. You simply CAN’T put a thousand pound or twelve hundred pound animal on legs the size of a TOOTHPICK and not expect to have problems at some point. Life doesn’t work that way. The genetic wheel can only be spun in the same direction just so many times without dire consequences, and I think that what’s happening in racing right now is just the tip of the iceberg. That’s one reason why I don’t think that Jess Jackson’s plan to breed his filly to Curlin is a smart move- both these horses are inbred significantly to the Mr.Prospector line, which is notorious for soundness problems, and as a result, any offspring they have will be REALLY inbred too. Plus, there’s no guarantee that just because these two horses are famous, their offspring will be too- breeding is still pretty much a crap shoot. So I think you will need to be patient and wait for a while longer.

Nancy asks…

In horse racing why are fillies and mares used less?

I was looking at a Wikipedia page the other day for Kentucky Derby winners, Triple Crown winners, etc, and I noticed that geldings and stallions are used WAY more than fillies. Is there any reason? Just wondering. Thanks :)

Denny answers:

Same reason if you put Olympic men and women in a race together. The men will almost always win. Once in a while a woman (or in this case, a filly) can win, but she has to be EXCEPTIONAL.

Boys and girls are just…different.

It’s also good for stallion-owners who’re standing their horse(s) at stud to be able to say “he won the Kentucky Derby!”.

Michael asks…

what is the best time at the Belmont stakes during the triple crown?

horse racing

Denny answers:

Secretariat held the best time (2:24). Secretariat was an American Thoroughbred racehorse, that in 1973 became the first U.S. Triple Crown champion in 25 years, setting new race records in two of the three events in the Series—the Kentucky Derby (1:592⁄5), and again the Belmont Stakes (2:24)—records that still stand today :)

David asks…

Is the triple crown an unrealistic goal?

As a Horse racing fan do you think that 3 races in 5 weeks for a 3 year old is asking too much ? Sure looked that way Saturday

Denny answers:

I don’t think so.

I believe that if we regulate the amount of racing a colt (or filly) does in their two year old season, we may see more winners. Of course part of the challenge is 3 races in 5 weeks. That’s what makes this the hardest accomplishment in sports. Also, at three the colts (and fillies) aren’t done maturing. Their bones aren’t done solidifying, and that makes them more prone to breaking down. If we move the starting age to three and the Crown to four we’d have more winners. Of course, you’re always going to have a few horses that could do it at three. We just haven’t seen one yet.

Also the breeding quality has declined. They’re breeding for speed, not stamina and longevity on the race course. American thoroughbreds have always been, not smaller, but less bulky then British Thoroughbreds. I think that if we brought in champion racers from Europe we’d have more horses that could take the strain of racing 3 times over a 5 week period. And…the Europian horse are used to running at a mile and a half or longer. Think about how much that could help in the Belmont. I know foals aren’t going to be able to do everything their sire and dam did, but still it could help.

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