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Sharon asks…

Horse racing.?

I understand that vegans have strong views on animal welfare and I’d like to know what the general vegan view is on competitive sports involving animals, such as horse/dog racing?
As a horse owner, a vet and and someone who has been seen going hoarse in Cheltenham, I have coflicting views within my own self. I’d love to hear what others think about it.

Denny answers:

Horse racing is not all glitz and glamor. A lot of horses get injured and die from just from training and during and actual race itself. Although top horses are treated royally, many are discarded like trash if they don’t start producing for their owners. Of course many horse owners treat their aninmals with great respect and don’t punish them for their “failures”. But for many horses, not winning a race is practically a death sentence.

I now prefer pure human versus human sports myself. Mixed martial arts, boxing, football tennis, golf, etc.

Ruth asks…

Horse Racing……..?

In horse racing are the trainer and the owner of the horse allowed to bet money on their own horse to win a race?

Denny answers:

Absolutely. There is no reason why they shouldn’t. Since there is no way to predict the actual winner everyone but the jockey can bet on any given horse. Jockeys cannot bet because obviously they could determine the out come of the race.

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